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Contesting Information

Contest Information

This page has several sub-pages. First is a Contest Calendar links page. Second, will contain Contest articles written by our members. These may be general contest articles or stories about different contests. Hopefuly, we can add more as time goes on. If you discover a link that is no longer working, please send an email to our Webmaster.


WA7BNM Contest Calendar - Main Page
SM3CER Contest Service
ARRL's Contest Calendar
Contest and Dx Page (and more.)
Contest News, Articles (and more)
WA6BOB Contest Link Page
K1EL’s Web site – Ham Radio Kits
CQ Magazine’s Annual Contest Calendar

CONTEST Informational Links

The links below contain information, Stories,Aides and Handbooks written by FRC Members.
2011 Arrl
Stories by FRCers
Aides and Handbooks

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